Forgefriends is a forge federation project.

Because most Free Software projects are hosted on proprietary forges (for example GitHub) that prevent them to move easily the whole project (code, issues, etc) to another forge,
Forgefriends purpose is to allow every Free Software developer to use their favorite forge to contribute to software projects hosted on other forges.

The project implementation is an online service.

Work in Progress

In Janaruy 2024, the second version of the Friendly Forge Format is associated with a reference implementation in Go. It is still work in progress and drivers for Forgejo, GitHub and GitLab are being implemented.

The monthly reports allow to catch up on what’s going on and what needs to happen next.

Manifesto and Code of Conduct

Every person who is in a space (online or IRL) under the responsibility of someone who claims to be a member of the horizontal forgefriends community is expected to behave according to the Code of Conduct. And every member of the forgefriends community is expected to help. If you feel unsafe or frustrated, please ask for assistance to the contact persons.

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