Forgefriends is a forge federation project.

Because most Free Software projects are hosted on proprietary forges (for example GitHub) that prevent them to move easily the whole project (code, issues, etc) to another forge,
Forgefriends purpose is to allow every Free Software developer to use their favorite forge to contribute to software projects hosted on other forges.

The project implementation is an online service.

Work in Progress

In June 2022, the first pre-alpha release was published. It is not ready for end-users the implementation continues.

Forgefriends is written in Go to share code with Gitea.

The monthly reports allow to catch up on what’s going on and what needs to happen next.

Manifesto and Code of Conduct

Every person who is in a space (online or IRL) under the responsibility of someone who claims to be a member of the horizontal forgefriends community is expected to behave according to the Code of Conduct. And every member of the forgefriends community is expected to help. If you feel unsafe or frustrated, please ask for assistance to the contact persons.

From our blog

News from the forgefriends community.

Forge federation: monthly report November 2022

on November 16, 2022

On October 25th Gitea Ltd took over the Gitea project and most of the forgefriends related work was focused on bootstraping a fork governed by a democratic non-profit community. During that time the workplan for the federation grant was finalized. Collaboration Most people usually involved in forgefriends and other federated projects spent a substantial amount of their time handling the Gitea Ltd takeover. During the first days to figure out what it meant and discussing the consequences.

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Forge federation: monthly report October 2022

on October 21, 2022

A number of grant applications for both F3 and Gitea moved forward and their workplans are in progress. Development Friendly Forge Format (F3) The Go reference implementation now has foundations to remap identifiers between forges and the implementation is in progress. It is required to implement mirroring, otherwise it is not possible to pair an object (an issue for instance) from the originating forge with the issue created on the destination forge.

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Forge federation: monthly report September 2022

on September 22, 2022

The Friendly Forge Format (F3) was refactored entirely and submitted for inclusion in Gitea. Followups of grant applications for both F3 and Gitea were published. Development Friendly Forge Format (F3) The Go reference implementation was refactored. The library implements the high level logic (for instance for mirroring) while drivers deal with the concrete storage of data. For instance the Gitea driver is based on the Gitea API and the F3 driver stores information in files.

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Forge federation: monthly report August 2022

on August 17, 2022

Multiple grant applications were completed and sent out to support the Friendly Forge Format (F3) while development continues, primarily on F3 and Gitea federation. Development Friendly Forge Format (F3) During an online coworking session the F3 repositories were reorganized and renamed for clarity, as suggested in a previous meeting. The schema now have their own repository which became a submodule of the repository where the specifications are written as well as the reference Go implementation.

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