Forge federation: monthly report October 2022

October 21, 2022

A number of grant applications for both F3 and Gitea moved forward and their workplans are in progress.


Friendly Forge Format (F3)

The Go reference implementation now has foundations to remap identifiers between forges and the implementation is in progress. It is required to implement mirroring, otherwise it is not possible to pair an object (an issue for instance) from the originating forge with the issue created on the destination forge.

The F3 format was simplified by removing redundant data about users. A reference to a user is a single identifier and repeating additional information such as the email address would make mirroring even more difficult.


The pipeline to publish forgefriends releases is triggered weekly, after syncing with the main Gitea branch. It is not currently deployed in production but could be used by Gna! as an alternative to the official Gitea distribution.


Online Coworking

Four session happened with two or three people and the recording are available in the event topics. There were random discussions but also actual work to solve concrete problems and organizing community events. It has been going on for over three months now and turns out to be a bi-weekly occurrence on average.


Plans are being made to submit a talk to LibrePlanet 2023. Although initiated in the context of the ForgeFed project, it may cover the broader scope of forge federation. There will be multiple presenters representing Gitea and forgefriends in addition to ForgeFed.

There has been a lot of activity as the funding deadline approached on October 1st. Discussions on how ForgeFed and F3 can be used together also happened in the chatroom.

Transparency and funding

The F3 concept note was approved by OTF. A formal invitation to submit a grant followed. The grant was written and submitted but it is unclear when a determination will be made to accept or reject it.

F3 passed the second round of NGI Assure and is now waiting for a final decision in the following weeks. A workplan was drafted to be prepared in case the grant is approved.

Gitea passed the second round of NGI Entrust and is now waiting for a final decision in the following weeks. A workplan was drafted to be prepared in case the grant is approved and will be discussed during the upcoming monthly meeting.